Tuesday, September 8, 2015


At various points over the weekend, probably Saturday morning and maybe Sunday, I was well below 158 pounds. This morning, 160.8. The difference? I think it was spending Sunday painting - I ended up with swollen feet and knees for sure from it; possibly my hands as well. 

Anyway, this morning, I am thinking a couple of changes need to be made. First, I need to be drinking more water. Second, I need to work very hard on avoiding snacks after dinner. Pull the cross-stitch towel out and start working on it at night. Find and use the gym. Something, anyway.

We had a good weekend. Got the lower cabinet painted in the office, programmed the garage door openers on the cars, so we don't have to use the clip-on buttons, found a sweater-jacket to wear on interviews, figured out what we are going to do regarding paint in the upstairs "public" bathroom, and got supplies to paint the kitchen. And then we got to see some friends yesterday, which was the reason we moved down here. So that was tremendous.

Here's yesterday's eating.
  • tea with cream
  • an omelet with ham, cheese, tomato
  • bacon
  • strawberries with cream cheese
  • hamburger salad - salad with ranch dressing with a burger on top
  • one single potato chip
  • Prosecco (in a tiny bottle)
  • mahi with beurre blanc and lump crab meat and tomatoes on top
  • green beans
  • about one bite of cheesy grits with andouille
  • a bite of bread with butter
  • a chocolate with almonds in it
All in all, a good eating day. Maybe more food than I needed, but in general, good. Sleep was less good - we had no internet overnight, and I found myself awake trying to figure out if I wanted to get up to see if there was an outage. In the end, the problem was in the house, and is fixed now, but anything that wakes me up enough to think is a bad thing.

I'm thinking maybe a fast day today - or a fast as long as I can sustain it. Lee's off taking our friend back to the airport and then doing work stuff for a while, and maybe if he's eaten lunch by the time he returns, I won't have to worry about lunch and can fast until dinner. I do believe I'm enough fat adapted to do it.

But drinking water. I should get some started.

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