Wednesday, October 8, 2014


153.2 this morning.

Slept with the aid of Advil-PM last night; still groggy. I needed the sleep, though. Feel like I still do.

Binge-ate salted dark chocolate almonds after dinner last night (binge to me means 10-12 of them, I think). Once they started tasting nasty, I stopped. 

I'm still quite stressed. My mental state is that of someone in one of those horror movies who knows something is wrong, but not what, and isn't sure how it will attack or from where. High alert for the unknown. I do not like it. I cannot soothe myself to sleep with WWII news broadcasts anymore; I need live radio. Because something might be happening. Really bad, this.

No walk last night - my mind was not up to it.  Brats and kraut for dinner. And a few tortilla chips. 

I think for now, I'm just going to have to do the best I can. Lots of forgiveness for snacking, and making my best attempt to keep it light and reasonable. And get walks in wherever I can, to burn off the adrenaline.

5K at work today. I was of 2 minds last night as to whether I should even do it, but I'm going to. It can only help, right?

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