Monday, October 6, 2014


I guess yesterday was a "treat" day. I ate breakfast, cashews, chocolate, ice cream, cheese, and soup. Oh, and a fortune cookie and half an eggroll. Fairly carby, although I didn't log it. 152.2 this morning, up from 151.4 all weekend. Not surprising. But I need to get my stuff together. Again.

I felt relatively nasty yesterday - tired and achy and just "off". I wouldn't have minded spending the day in bed, honestly. Probably a "paleo cold". Instead, we went to the mall and the movies in the morning, and I was finally able to rest in the afternoon. Ended up going for Chinese for dinner - a giant bowl of hot and sour soup, half an eggroll, some tea, and a fortune cookie.

Sleep was great until this weekend - no idea why it was so unproductive the last few nights, but it was. I was asleep, but it wasn't restful. And my back is all knotted up again.

We went and walked a corn maze on Saturday - fun, and the weather was perfect. I put my Nike+ running app on for part of it, just to see how much we wandered - it's an interesting picture, and I wish I'd done all of it. Less purposeful walking yesterday - just wandering the mall a bit.

I feel okay today - not great, but better than yesterday. The plan is to walk tonight, and the weather looks like it will cooperate.

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