Friday, October 3, 2014


Some of yesterday's increase came off - down to 151.8 this morning. I kept the eating down quite a bit - skipped breakfast because we weren't hungry, for starters. I wasn't as good in the evening; I won't say my stress is quite as high as it was last week, but it's not as low as it was on Sunday, either. Getting out for a walk has helped, but the evening snacking craving is back - what did it take, maybe 3 days? Not so great. I did keep it to cheese crisps and actual cheese - and it occurs to me that maybe avoiding the "Food Factory" show would help.

Yesterday's eating was 70% fat, 6% carbs, and 24% protein, which is lower in fat than I would have liked, but not bad overall. I'll work on the pattern a bit more today, see if I can get it up a bit. I got 2 walks - one during the day after a really annoyed reaction to an email, which entailed 3 trips around the building, and another before dinner. Ketones were at Trace-Small yesterday evening, and sleep was solid - fell asleep well before 10, woke once, and was out cold until after 4:30 am. The cooler temperatures are such a help.

I'm hoping to get a lot of outdoor time this weekend, whether doing yardwork or maybe hiking or at a corn maze, if they're available yet.

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