Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Weird eating day yesterday, but we got some exercise, and I kept the snacking to a minimum. 151.4 this morning, a wretched night's sleep (ending at 3:30 am, unfortunately), and I've already had a Red Bull. Worse yet, I don't know if it will last very long.

I'm finding myself hacking at night, which isn't helping the sleep. Don't know if I filled my sinuses with gunk in the corn maze, or if it's related to the "paleo cold" I though I might have had on Sunday. I'm still a bit draggy, which could be that or the lack of sleep.

I brought an apple and some cheese to work this morning, to keep me from eating fortune cookies - although the fact that I ate all 3 of them that were in my desk yesterday would probably solve that issue for me regardless. Apart from the fortune cookies, I had a normal (egg and sausage) breakfast, salad and smoked turkey for dinner, an after-dinner mint, a bit of cheese, and 2 salted chocolate almonds. Not very high fat, but ketones were at a solid Small at bedtime. It ended up being a low-calorie day, for what that's worth.

We walked to dinner and back, making about 2 miles round trip or a bit over, I think. I didn't put it on the Nike+ running app to see, so I don't know for certain. Lee's having heel pain - spurs or plantar fasciitis - which alters his gait enough to make his hips hurt. He's planning not to walk tonight, but I still want to - if I go alone, I'll go for speed, I guess.

Long day ahead.

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