Monday, October 27, 2014


Okay. New week, new start. New scale, for that matter - our previous one went all possessed and flickery on us and refused to light up at all after we replaced the batteries. 

I was going to say that the new scale is the reason that my weight is up from last week, but then I looked at my tracking spreadsheet, and I'm actually down. 154.2 this morning. So it may well be as accurate as the last one. 

Eating over the weekend was not great - I'm fighting carb cravings and mostly losing - to the tune of 2 different bouts of eating tortilla chips yesterday, as an example. I also made an experimental apple tart - trying out gluten-free piecrust - which I spent the day smelling and had some of for dessert. And while the crust wasn't perfect (I'd added too much water, so it was more like eating a cracker), it tasted awesome. I haven't had an apple pie since I can't remember.

Anyway, not really doing the heavy lifting for weight loss, this past weekend.  And yet, I lost weight - on paper.

Got in 2 3-mile walks over the weekend. The weather was amazing - sunny, crisp-to-warm, just perfect. Unfortunately, I didn't get credit for either on my FuelBand - due to some issues with their website, I was led to believe that it had developed an issue that required a factory reset, and nothing done since Tuesday was saved. Sigh. It's back working now, and I plan to get a walk in tonight, so we will start again. I did, however, take my phone and used the Running app, so I got credit for both walks there - that's how I know how long they were.

I brought a bunch of macadamias in to work again. I'm hoping that they will help with the urge to snack in the afternoon - either by providing satiety or as the snack. I'm thinking a homemade version of Qdoba's Mexican Gumbo for dinner - we braised a pork shoulder in the crock pot yesterday (to freeze for quick dinners) and I have some tortilla soup frozen that we could thaw out for it.

Sleep last night was good - I think I woke up only once, at 3 am. Hot flashes are occurring intermittently again - don't know how long this bout will last, but undoubtedly longer than I'd want (they've already achieved that).

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