Thursday, October 9, 2014


First, 151.2 this morning, a nice drop from yesterday, especially as I know I'm a bit swollen from doing a race yesterday afternoon. So it might be less than that, really.

My eating was good - breakfast, cheese, a banana, dinner (filet with blue cheese topping, spaghetti squash with stuff on it), a single peanut butter cup, and about 1/4 cup cashews. Oh, and a glass of wine.

Minimal if any ketosis at bedtime - did I use them all up? I'm kind of thinking so.

But I really want to talk about the "5K" we did at work yesterday. It was actually just shy of 3 miles per my running app. And I did it in 41 minutes flat. Kinda impressive. I haven't seen sub 14-minute miles in quite a while, so the walking this summer must be having some sort of an effect. And while I'm a little stove up this morning, I'm not disabled, by any means. So that's all good.

On the other hand, I'm extremely pissed off about one aspect of that race. I won it. I was absolutely hands-down the first walker across the finish line. I registered as a walker and had walker on my "bib" (this was a bit of a band-of-merry-amateurs production and they used giant sticky labels). Did I get recognized for that win? I did not. I don't know why, but it went unnoticed when they were handing out the gimcrack "medals" to the top 3 finishers. Apparently, racewalking doesn't look enough like walking or something, or the fact that I had on a tech shirt from another race and "real runner shorts" made me look too serious, or maybe that I was the first walker in by over a minute. I suppose I could have raised a stink at the time, but I didn't - it was just a "fun run" after all. Even so, I'm still looking for a way to casually mention to the right people that I was a walker, and have them come to the guilt- and angst-ridden realization on their own that I got gypped out of my 3 cent piece of shiny plastic.

I need to get over myself, I know. It's just really annoying.

Ran across something online last night that I want to look into a bit more - an approach to eating for menopausal women that is more focused on protein and stress control than ketosis per se. Still low carb, but the theory as I understand it so far is that cortisol is at play right now more than before, partly because of reduced estrogen/progesterone levels and partly because menopause is a supremely annoying physical state, so reducing stress and getting to satiation with fewer calories (I know, that word...) is more effective than straight HFLC. Anyway, I want to do a bit of digging before I dive into anything - but my stress-reduction weekend certainly helped me a lot, and quickly, so the concept rings true. We'll see how that goes. Maybe I focus on that side of the equation first, then change my diet if it makes sense to.

Cocktail reception tonight for Lee's leadership program thingie, so no stress relief for this introvert there... I just hope they have veggies and dip.

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