Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yesterday was just, well, weird.  Started at 5:51 am with an emergency call for work, and wrapped up around 7:30 pm, with another emergency call for work.  In between, it appears that I didn't eat all that much.  Here's the list:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • beef jerky
  • Godiva pearls
  • cheese
  • chips and salsa (more than I should have, but they're seriously addictive)
  • chicken fajitas, no tortillas, with green chile
  • ice cream with coconut and strawberries in 
That was it.  I guess all days should be that busy.  That said, the scale acknowledges only a slight dip in weight - 149.0.  But given that it was Mexican for the third day in the space of a week, I guess I should be heartily grateful.

Sleep continues to be good - even when I have to get up for a bathroom run in the middle of it, it's as uninterrupted as possible, and feels in the morning like rest occurred.  I have stopped standing on one leg and am just relying on the melatonin - but that stuff is a serious keeper.  As are the new menopause supplements - they are magnificent.  Yes, hot flashes still occur, but not very often, and not very hard.  I can live like this - and when this whole thing hit me for the second time a few months ago, I couldn't.

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