Monday, June 11, 2012


So, you know how I said of the Bolder Boulder that I didn't "leave it on the course"?  Not quite the same results this past weekend, and I'm still stiff.   I did a 5K to pass some time while we were in Cheyenne, and passed 44 minutes and 8.31 seconds.  Quite a bit hotter pace than in the BB, although over less ground.  And on not much sleep - for whatever reason, the hotel bed struck me all wrong on Friday night, and I had one of those nights where you're absolutely sure you didn't sleep, although you recall the odd semi-dream.  Coconut milk saved me - I took a can with us and drank about three-quarters of it before the race.  But that last tenth of a mile was a killer.

It was quite hot on Saturday, to boot - easily in the 80s before I was done with the race.  Went back to the hotel with a partial intent of taking the cold shower or bath advocated for good recovery - and I sorta did.  I ran cold water over my right shoulder and glutes for as long as I could stand it - don't know if it helped or not, really - and later in the afternoon, I took a nice hot bath as well, which may have undone the good of the cold stuff.

Eating was a mixed bag over the weekend.  I had some of the dark-chocolate M&Ms on Friday at work; I'm finding them less satisfying than I hope each time, so the 3 bags could last me a very long time.  A salad with chicken in at Wendy's for dinner because I really wasn't very hungry.  Then dessert once we got to Cheyenne, which was creme brulee - AND a brandy Alexander because I'd never had one.  It wasn't bad - fairly egg-noggy.  But I walked out of the restaurant feeling overstuffed.  Saturday was breakfast, nuts, more Wendy's (double cheese, no bun, adequate), and dinner was at a restaurant with a chef from South Carolina - I had a salad and shrimp-and-grits, which was good, but spicy.  Left a lot of the grits.  Yesterday breaks down like this:
  • bacon
  • sausage (bland!)
  • strawberries
  • cottage cheese
  • tea with cream
  • 3 raspberries
  • cheese
  • a bag of potato chips
  • walnuts
  • filet mignon (from Costco, I think, and absolutely tasteless)
  • salad with homemade zesty Italian dressing
  • tea
  • a strawberry Haagen-Dasz cup
  • chocolate almonds
I think that was everything.  Not organized, so lots of small things.  Elizabeth and I were on the road before 8:00 am, and home by 10ish.  I was able to putter around the house much of the afternoon - picked lettuce and a few early raspberries (they're just starting to ripen, but when the main wave hits, I'm going to struggle to keep up with them!), made salad dressing, stuff like that.

148.2 this morning, and damn glad to be there.  Hoping to keep things in that neighborhood or lower this week - also hoping that my return to racing may improve my muscle comp in the hips/legs area.

I remembered to cool down my shower this morning - it actually felt rather good - and will be continuing the standing experiment this week.

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