Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Easy fast yesterday - I wasn't even bored-hungry all day, and made it nicely until 6 pm without eating anything.  So I think that works out to 22 hours - one of the longer fasts I've done on purpose, I think.  Broke it with a trip to the local purveyor of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food for gyro meat and salad - maybe gyro meat is not pure paleo, but it is darn tasty and very low carb, which is good enough for me.

149.4 this morning, a bit down.  I feel better - less crave-y, I think.  Will continue to work on eating a bit cleaner - more (seasonal) veg and less sugar.  Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • about 1/2 pound of gyro meat
  • salad with a sort of middle-easternish dressing (no idea, it could be Safeway house-brand "italian" for all I know)
  • strawberry-mango juice (my one major indulgence at that place, and it's wonderful)
  • cheese
  • one sugarless chocolate truffle
That was it.  I was too absorbed in following the Wisconsin elections on Twitter to eat, and we all crashed pretty early.  There's a cold going around at work, and I was feeling a bit nasal, so I took a couple of supplementary vitamin D3s and an Airborne after dinner, and that, with the early sleep, seems to have settled it - no sign of anything this morning.

We are going to Cheyenne for the weekend coming up, so Lee can play in a golf tournament.  Normally for me, that means a weekend of utter rest, as there isn't much to see in town that I haven't already seen.  Lounging by the pool, reading - that sort of thing.  But this weekend, I am thinking of doing a 5K, since they're running one in town on Saturday.  And then I'll revert to lounging by the pool, reading.  But the roadrace bug seems to be biting more this year than it has in a while, so I'll go with it.

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