Friday, June 8, 2012


Fairly successful inadvertent fast, I'd say.  Not in a weight-loss sense - I dropped about half a pound - but in ease of achievement.  I ate cheese at lunchtime, but I wasn't ever intending to go another 22-24 hours.  Scale says 148.2 this morning.

And a report on the n=1s.  I have managed 2 straight days in which my shower finishes with a gasp, and this morning, I even remembered to hit the cold water before turning everything off, so that's an improvement.  Can't say much about my mood - it's good enough, I guess.

I did stand on each leg twice yesterday, until they got really sore, but I don't think I hit muscle exhaustion - I've hit that before doing slow burn pushups, and my legs never collapsed on me as my arms did then.  Sleep?  Pretty nasty, as a matter of fact.  I had some fasciculation in my calves, and my feet tended to want to bend in funny directions - not exactly cramps, because I could control it, but distracting.  I woke up around 4:40 am - possibly for the first time - but not feeling any more rested than normal, that I could tell, and my sense is that I had a disturbed night, that I wasn't ever really fully asleep.  I don't think a single night is enough to judge, though, and I have reminders on my work calendar to stand on one leg twice a day for the next two weeks, which should give me a reasonable sample. 

Here's yesterday's eating:
  • cheese (ultimately, 3 pieces; 2 at lunch, one after work but before dinner)
  • burger with cheddar cheese and green chile
  • regular and sweet-potato fries, with catsup
  • a glass of Chardonnay
That was it.  It was plenty, and all consumed between noon and 8 pm, so I even hit the magic 16-8 window, if that matters.

We're on the road this weekend, so I have the advantage of being separated from easy snack food, with the disadvantage of restaurant dining.  I have lost weight in this situation before, and I am planning on that 5K tomorrow, so I'll be getting some exercise as well.  And lots of sun, I hope. 

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