Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My workday started at 5:50 am with an emergency, so I'm a bit muddled.  I think the scale said 149.4 this morning, but what really registered was that there were numbers displaying, not so much what the numbers were.  Whatever. 

Sleep continues good - still attributed to the melatonin.  Woke abruptly with a calf cramp about 5:00, which isn't too bad, considering.  Here's yesterday's eating:
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual Monday supplements
  • cheese
  • raspberries
  • Godiva pearls, I think
  • about 2/3 pound grassfed ground beef in patties, with ketchup and mustard
  • pickles
  • cole slaw
  • possibly a couple of chocolate almonds
  • walnuts
I'm not quite fasting today - no breakfast proper as we were out of eggs, and I was on the phone for work until 8 - but I did have some beef jerky for breakfast once I got into the office, and have had some Godiva pearls already (it's 10:30). 

Dinner will likely be out, since I have a haircut shortly after work.  Worse, it will likely be (yes, again) Mexican food, since our favorite Mexican restaurant is near the haircut place.


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