Friday, June 15, 2012


I don't know if it's the melatonin or the standing, but my sleep quality is definitely improving.  Thank goodness!  I was pushing zombie earlier in the week.

Removing the M&Ms was definitely the right move.  They're much easier to ignore in the house than they were here.  I could see possibly loading up the Godiva Pearl container with them at some point, to limit the damage, but it's possible that they have something in them making them more addictive and the risk exists that I'd empty the can each time I opened it for "just one".  So maybe not.  In any event, without the damn things, I'm back down to 148.8 this morning, and the ankle swelling is improved if not perfect.

Here's yesterday:
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • cheese
  • beef jerky
  • a few Godiva pearls
  • salad with tuna and Kalamata olives, with a lemon dijon vinaigrette
  • iced tea
  • vanilla ice cream with raspberries from the garden mashed in (serious yum)
The new menopause supplements have Black Cohosh, with added biotin in the morning dose, and the aforementioned melatonin in the afternoon dose.  So far, they seem to be keeping things under control at least as well as the Estroven did - of course, it may take a few days for the soy estrogens to work themselves back out of my system, so I'm withholding judgement for now.  The biotin is supposed to improve my skin - not sure what menopause does to the skin in the first place, or how biotin might improve it, so I'll be reading up on that at some point.

No serious exertion planned for the weekend - probably some minor gardening (keeping up with the lettuce and raspberries is the prime task right now, and it doesn't take much time) and puttering around the house.  I think Lee is playing golf both days so I'll have a lot of time available for that.  Late night work tonight; that's always interesting.

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