Monday, June 4, 2012


Gaaaah.  150.0 this morning, again.  The lowest I saw in all the water-retention-and-release follies was the 148.6 on Friday.  Because I have been snacking.  And I need to stop.  Boredom eating is a habit, and I really need to break it.

Anyway, I did a fairly longish walk on Saturday morning - went with Lee to the golf course, ate breakfast, and then walked home along a parks-and-rec trail between the two.  It's the same walk Elizabeth and I did about 3 weeks ago, only the other direction, so I think it was 4 miles and a bit.  Perfect morning for it, too.  Had a bit more of the "catch" sensation in my left ankle that bugged me during the Bolder Boulder, but later in the walk - and I cannot figure out what is causing it.  Exaggerated ankle movements on both sides seems to make it stop.

Not sure I can come up with yesterday's eating, but here's an attempt:
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • no supplements (except Estroven in the afternoon when I realized I'd been overheated and sweaty about 3/4 of the morning)
  • two hot dogs with mustard (no bun, obviously)
  • about 4 tortilla chips with salsa
  • cheese
  • salted almonds
  • chocolate almonds
  • steak-and-wedge salad with blue cheese dressing
  • iced tea
  • one sugarless dark chocolate truffle (found them at Costco, on a limited availability; they use maltitol and are not bad at all)
  • tiny cup of Haagen-Dasz vanilla (the usual size we get, whatever that is - 1/2 cup?)
I was able to spend the morning outside gardening and/or running errands, so I really didn't eat anything after breakfast, but in the afternoon, I sat down and started reading, and that just leads me to want to snack.  Very bad.  Same with the evenings; after dinner is over, I just want to keep putting things in my mouth and chewing.  Going to start working on breaking that habit tonight - I have a kitchen towel I'm embroidering, and will work on that to the exclusion of other activities.  And I need to net off the berry plants from various shy wild creatures - they're already beating me to any strawberries that approach ripe.  And maybe also do a short walk with everyone - just to keep us moving.

Tonight's dinner is braised short ribs with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms, and mashed cheesy cauliflower - we meant to have it last night, but I didn't get it started in the crock pot until 10 am, so at dinner time, the meat was still solid like a thick woody branch.  So we'll reheat it for dinner tonight.

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