Friday, June 22, 2012


Let's see.  Start with the food list for yesterday, or go straight to the confession?  Be brave.  I have gained weight in my waist and hips.  There.  I know this because I was buying underwear over the internet, and without being able to stretch it across your fully-clothed hips, you just can't be sure of a size without breaking out the measuring tape.  And there it was - several inches increase in both measurements.  I am nowhere near apple-shaped, but it bears watching.  And getting more fresh air and routine exercise than I have been.  I think it's possible - barely - that the lack of the two-block walk I had to and from work up until February just might have made a difference.  Now I just come inside from the front parking lot - a shorter distance.  That, and probably a bigger than I want to admit uptake in my sugar intake over the past year.  Stops now, by the way.

I'm happy to say that Elizabeth is back being hardcore low-carb.  And, unfortunately, having fun with leg cramps again.  I gave her extra potassium at breakfast and told her to have Gatorade en route to work.  Hope it helps.

Back to the usual.  149.2 this morning, so I did no harm yesterday.  Always good.  Here's the breakdown:
  • scrambled eggs (nasty pale ones that have NO taste)
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • cheese
  • Godiva pearls (lots of them - see below)
  • steak-and-wedge salad with blue cheese, tomatoes, bacon bits, and blue cheese dressing
  • iced tea
  • walnuts
  • more cheese (I was hungry after dinner)
That was it.  As for the pearls, I got a horrible craving for candy just around lunchtime yesterday, and had gone so far as to take a dollar bill down to visit the candy machine, which contained plain M&Ms.  But the machine would not take the dollar, no matter how I presented it, so I was saved from myself, and fell back on the Godiva.  Many fewer of them than would have been in the M&M bag, and certainly fewer than a "serving" - what was that, 68 pieces? 

Since it's summer and the fruit is going crazy (I suspect a trip to the raspberry bushes tonight or tomorrow will bring in more than we've eaten so far), I won't start a sugar detox right away, but I think one is called for.  In the meantime, I need to recall that we have a package of salami in the fridge, and to eat that when I feel snacky.  That and olives.  Dilly beans, and pickled okra.

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