Thursday, June 7, 2012


I heard the lamentations of my daughter yesterday, and ventured to cook something that wasn't grilled-meat-and-salad for dinner: Shrimp Etoufee, based on the Paleo Comfort Foods recipe.  Crawfish isn't exactly readily available in the Denver suburbs, after all.  It was legitimate.  Good stuff, although it ended up being rather spicy - I might cut the heat next time.  Their recipe used Almond flour for the roux, and while I'm a fan of Almond flour for a lot of uses, I can't see basing gravy off it, so I used rice flour, my standby since our first Paleo Thanksgiving.  Worked like a champ.  And we had real rice; I've been hearing too much from the family about cauliflower substitutes and didn't want to risk that version.  Anyway, that recipe is a keeper, for sure.

Of course, after dinner, Lee wanted ice cream - he's got a minor addiction to Cold Stone Creamery going this summer, so off we went.  I had something that involved their sweet cream flavor ice cream, with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries in it - it was really good that way, and I don't think the berries had added sweeteners, so not as sweet as my other standby there - coconut pineapple.  Probably a higher carb day than I would have wanted, but not horrid.  And I was down to 148.6 this morning.  Here's the full breakdown:
  • tea with cream
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • the usual supplements
  • cheese
  • shrimp etouffee with rice
  • ice cream as described above
  • three homegrown strawberries (the netting appears to be working)
That was it.  I went to check my netting after we got back from the ice cream jaunt, and found two tiny, very tart strawberries and one normal sized very sweet strawberry in the box, and picked and ate all three.  One of these years I'll have enough of them to gather for saving, but as things stand, if I see one, I grab it and scarf it down.  The raspberries are starting to turn red - I think we'll be able to start picking a few of them next week - and there are millions of them.  Raspberry canes really seem to like our environment.  In fact, one of them has emerged outside the raised bed, meaning things could get a bit out of hand in the next few years.  There are worse problems, for sure.

Fasting this morning due to crap sleep overnight.  We had a nasty storm blow through around midnight, and one of the dogs was having gastric difficulties resulting in two trips outdoors.  I feel functional, but not brilliant, this morning.

Trying to work out a way to do the 5K this weekend on coconut milk - given that we're in a motel, it may have to be consumed straight from the can, like I did in Seattle.  It works, but not my favorite thing to drink that way.

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