Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Still at 154.6 this morning - the week is following its usual pattern. I ate pretty well yesterday and got a walk in - to and from dinner, as it turns out. This will be short, since I have early meetings at work. Yesterday's eating (not listed) panned out as:
  • 133 g fat (72%)
  • 33 g carbs (8%)
  • 83 g protein (20%)
Basically, I added a large Cobb salad and 2 pieces of cheese to what I'd had for breakfast (eggs, bacon, macadamias). Ketosis at bedtime was Small verging on Moderate.

Sleep was awful - woke up just after midnight, went to the bathroom, could not get back to sleep. Mild stomach ache, the dog woke up and wanted out, etc. Ugh. Operating on RedBull this morning.

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