Monday, June 9, 2014


Weird weekend. No exercise to speak of (only partly attributable to the weather), reasonable eating, sort of, but accompanied by a margarita last night. A lot of stress underlying all of it. Mixed-bag sleep.

154.4 this morning. Not as good as a week ago, but I am NOT complaining. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • omelet with ham, cheese, tomatoes
  • cheese (1 hunk of cheddar, a medium-sized piece of Gruyere)
  • < 1/2 cup cashews
  • chips and salsa - more than I should have
  • 2 cheese enchiladas with green chile
  • a margarita
  • 2 tiny home-grown strawberries
That was it. At least, I think so; it was a day of errands, mostly, so mid-day eating wasn't easy since we weren't home. We went to a wedding in the afternoon, but did not stay for the reception (part of the weirdness of the weekend).

And I read Volek and Phinney, at last. I've been wanting to for years, and finally got the Kindle version. If they're right, my carb tolerance is pretty low, and to lose any of my current weight, I need to be strict about keeping totals under 50 grams. Since I lost weight on a more relaxed approach originally (or did I? sometimes I think I was very strict VLC/ZC), I tend to think the tolerance change is to do with menopause - and that would certainly make sense if estrogen is part of the mechanism to free up stored fat for energy. Anyway, a very interesting read, and I learned several practical things - like why salt turns out to be important on a VLC eating approach (and why we had such nasty leg cramps the last time; salt should make them not happen). 

Out of all of this, I am going to be doing a bit of research, to get my target protein level and map out what an 80%+ fat diet needs to look like for me to lose weight. Given my response to the fat-fast soup, I do think it will work. But I want to have a lot of the answers figured out - I think that at the moment, winging it won't work for me.

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