Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Sleep last night was strange.  One of the dogs was unwell around 3:30, I think, and I got up to deal with that, but up to that point, I had been asleep but aware that I was freezing.  Huddling into the covers, even burying my head in them, trying to get warm.  Nasty.  I'm still cold, although I had a hot flash in the middle of being cold while on the way to work - and they don't help; I feel cold even as I warm up and break out into a sweat.  Ugh.

150.8 today, so whatever was going on yesterday was a blip, I guess.  I was in Moderate ketosis, approaching Heavy, last night.  Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream (twice)
  • no supplements
  • two pieces of cheese
  • pecans - about 2/3 cup throughout the day
  • vegetable soup with beef
  • salami
  • two more pieces of cheese
  • one square of maltitol-sweetened chocolate
That was it.  The appetite reduction effect of ketosis has kicked in, I think, and I'm feeling much less inclined to eat at night again.  Very grateful for that.  I'm trying hard not to get wedded to the weight loss, because I think it's possible that it will stop because of hormones, but I'm glad to reclaim the freedom of being able to look at candy and the like as not-food.

We still haven't made it to the gym.  So be it.  Maybe tonight.

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