Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Interesting updates from today

First, this from Seth Roberts' blog has me all a-flutter, and I mean to have a teaspoon of honey just before bed tonight.  From what he says, the effect is pretty much immediate, and the strength increases in his standing-on-one-leg chart are seriously blowing my mind.  I would love it if this were to work. Just getting off the occasional Advil-PM would be wonderful. Near as I can tell, a single teaspoon would be only 6 grams of carbs, which shouldn't bust my ketosis, and might help with muscle mass.  I'll report out on anything I find.

Second, I did a quick search to see if getting bloody freezing (not directly related to the sweat evaporating after a hot flash) during perimenopause is normal.  Yup, apparently it's not unheard of. And while I was reading about how it was one of the many joys of the Change of Life (tm), I saw a reference to joint pain and weak legs.  I don't think I've made note of it here, but my knees pretty much had given out on me until I started specifically working on strengthening them - a graphic illustration of this is that I had to lower myself onto a toilet with one hand on the seat to control the pace of the drop. Obviously, squats have been completely impossible for me, and that is still driving me mad. I have fixed the basic problem, but never associated the weakness, or the knee pain, or my more recent hip pain (and maybe even my shoulder issue) with menopausal stuff.  Never.  Now, it sounds like the gift that keeps on giving has given even more.  Guess I should be glad that I'm not suffering from random electric shock sensations or tingling in my extremities (other fun possibilities available to the middle-aged woman).  Yikes.  Just effing yikes.

So, honey at bedtime for the next week or so, and I may even assist with the knees and hips by doing it.  That would be awesome.

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