Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Elizabeth and I went for what seemed to be a very long walk before dinner last night, but according to her Nike thingie for the iPhone, it was only 3.1 miles.  We took it at a pretty good clip - fast enough to make talking a bit breathy, but not so fast we couldn't talk.  I didn't ask her what our pace was, because when we got into the house, I thought we might have taken 55 minutes, which would have been dog-slow, and that didn't seem correct.  Whatever.  The 10K is on Monday; I probably won't have another longish walk between now and then.  A bit stiff this morning, but bearable.  Made for rough sleeping overnight, though.

The nice thing about the walk is that it allowed me to have french fries with dinner.  I worked for those carbs, so I had them.  And they were good - especially the ones that had been soaking in the juices from my burger.  The scale approved - 148.4 this morning.  Lots of water gone overnight - we'll just say I was up at 4 am when I would have preferred not to be.

Here's yesterday's breakdown:
  • scrambled eggs (the backyard chickens are back, thank goodness.  Commercial eggs are so bland as to be tasteless by comparison)
  • bacon
  • tomato slices
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • cheese
  • beef jerky (eaten instead of cookies that were in a meeting room)
  • 1/3-pound burger with swiss cheese, ketchup, and mustard
  • fries with ketchup and beef juices
  • pickle spear
  • iced tea
  • more tea with cream
  • two chocolate cherries
Good eating. And a busy day.  After dinner (which was out), I came home and made salad dressing - thousand island and green goddess, the latter of which I had on a salad over the weekend and just loved.  I think the recipe I found made a pretty similar version, although I did keep the anchovy paste on the low side.  Our garden lettuce is about big enough to start eating this week, so I'm thinking a mesclun salad with lots of tomato and green goddess would be darn tasty with dinner.  Which, unless something intervenes (again!), should be pork chops with a maple-dijon glaze on them.

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