Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Let's start with the weight: 150.6 this morning.  Lots of water, working on what I hope is hormetic inflammation from yesterday. 

Did the Bolder Boulder 10K in 1:41:17, a pace that included one sub-16 minute split (not sure where the hyphen properly goes in that phrase), and allowed us to talk.  I even tried to sing at one point - it was too fast to sing.  We finished up running the stadium, just because, and it felt great!  It was a "who are you and what have you done with me?" moment, really, because I have never enjoyed running, and I loved it.  Had enough energy at the end to do the whole thing again, although the outside edges of both heels were sore, and my left ankle was a bit stiff. The Vibrams worked perfectly, and I credit them with a lot of my lack-of-soreness, since for once, my body was aligned as it was built to be.

So, normally, after any sort of road race, I get up the next morning unable to move.  Shoot, I often spend the rest of the day of the race neck-deep in hot water trying to make various bits work again.  Today?  Almost nothing.  A few minor aches in my toes, interestingly enough, and that's about it.  My face is a bit sun/wind-burnt (not sure which) and that is actually the most uncomfortable spot on my body.  I should admit that I did have a bath with a bunch of Epsom Salts in, but that was more about getting warm than about pain relief.

Now, all that said, I am fairly sure that prior attempts at that race had baseline splits at the 15-minute pace and hot splits closer to 12-13, so by no means did I "leave it on the track" this time.  Would I want to?  At the moment, I'm thinking not.  I am 50, after all.  Don't feel it, though.

Okay, so on to yesterday's eating, if I can recall it - it was a bit disorganized.
  • fat bomb smoothie (included the whole can of coconut milk and no water, and 2 scoops of protein powder - perfect race fuel)
  • the usual supplements, with extra anti-inflammatories (fish oil, turmeric)
  • an orange
  • a Chik-Fil-A Caesar wrap, where I ate most of the tortilla because it was impossible to avoid without an explosion of cheese, chicken, and lettuce
  • Chik-Fil-A waffle fries with ketchup
  • chips and guacamole
  • some chocolate cherries at some point during the day
  • three slices of pepperoni pizza with cauliflower crust (more on that below)
  • Cold Stone Creamery ice cream with coconut and pineapple (the small size)
I think that was everything, but it feels like I ate more than that.  I do know that after the ice cream, I was too full to contemplate anything else, so that was the last item of the day.

As for the pizza - I saw someone on some Paleo site mention that they enjoyed a particular recipe for pizza with a cauliflower crust, and followed the link.  The recipe for the crust looked easy enough, and the comments indicated that while it wasn't a perfect substitute for a bread crust, it was pretty darn tasty.  Freaked the family out by threatening them with it, and made it last night on the "if you hate it, we'll go out and get something" plan.  First, it wasn't terrifically difficult to make, for which I was grateful, and second - it's pretty darn tasty!  I ate 3 pieces, and so did Lee, although he is admitting to only two.  We saved the leftovers, but I don't know if they will save well or not.  The nice thing is that the crust does absorb sauce a bit, so adding too much sauce doesn't turn the whole dish into soup.

Great weekend - just enough of all the proper weekend elements.  And a friend who did the BB yesterday is trying to convince me to do a half-marathon in August - and I'm seriously considering it.  I never wanted to do a full marathon, but I have wanted to do a half before, since it's just over two 10Ks.  And this one is all downhill.  So maybe.  And Elizabeth and I are thinking about some more 5Ks over the course of the summer, as well.  Fun!

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