Friday, May 25, 2012


I don't know why, but I spent yesterday morning feeling just awful.  Hollow-headachy would be the best description I could come up with.  The headache might be due to the new glasses - they are great, but a new prescription always takes a bit of adjustment, and getting used to my new world, the one where I can see forever but the details nearby are all muzzy, is probably not a one-hour exercise.  My body, feeling awful, thought I needed crunchy salty things, and sent me downstairs for potato chips.  I think they helped - seemed to at the time, anyway - but they left me with a soft-voiced nag of a hunger for the rest of the day.  Cheese wasn't enough, so I added more jerky.  Got home, and inhaled dinner.

And the aftermath of all that?  Another half-pound gone.  I'm down to 146.8.  I tend to think my recent gain was an adjustment to the introduction of soy estrogens, and now that I'm adjusted, it's going away - and may have been nothing but water.  Fine - but it's been kind of a fun week, with losing 3.4 pounds.  I'll certainly take it.

Breakdown from yesterday:
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • potato chips
  • cheese
  • beef jerky
  • taco salad with 1/3 pound grassfed beef, avocados, sour cream, cheese, salsa, and salad stuff
  • walnuts
  • the last of the nasty batch of coconut bark (back to the higher cacao chocolate, at least in part)
Slept badly last night - could not get cool enough.  Flashed on and off all night, especially from 2-3 am.  Woke up with a nasty jaw-clenching headache, so I've had 3 Advil this morning and am waiting to see if I need to add another handful or so.  I don't get this sort of thing often, and I am functional, but I don't enjoy it much.  I'm having flashes this morning more than I have in a while - did yesterday afternoon, as well.  I wish I could say if the Estroven is helping or not - but I can't, really.  It may be, although I shudder to think that things could be worse.

Memorial day weekend starts tonight.  Lots of outdoor time, if the wind permits - we're supposed to be getting 60 MPH gusts all day tomorrow for somebody else's storm.  Yecch - although I guess the sheets will dry quickly in that case.  I think we'll be able to start eating the mesclun this weekend, and I'm planning on cooking a good bit, although I'm not sure what specific items might result - maybe a carne asada flank steak, for one, since we have 2 more avocados to eat, and that would go great with guacamole.

Oh, and Monday - we'll be doing our Bolder Boulder 10K.  It looks like the weather will be good for it, so I'm looking forward (if rain were forecast, my enthusiasm would be, well, damped).  Should be walking like the alien in the badly-fitting Edgar suit come Tuesday - but if recovery follows all other post-Paleo athletic patterns, only for part of the day. 

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