Monday, January 30, 2012


Frustrating weekend - no other way to put it.  Last week, a 20-hour fast gained me 0.3 pounds; over the weekend, I ate fairly well (a few potato chips on Friday dinner being the only really bad thing I recall), and by yesterday morning, had gained a pound and a half.  Yesterday, I ate no better and no worse than Saturday, and this morning, I'm down nearly 2 pounds.  I do not get it.

Oh, well.  147.2 this morning and glad to be there, although I woke up aching head to toe for no particular reason.  Nothing like Advil for breakfast.  Here's yesterday's details:
  • bacon (I didn't have it until nearly lunchtime, though)
  • the usual supplements
  • tea with cream
  • bell pepper chunks (probably an entire pepper's worth - orange and yellow)
  • dip made from sour cream and a spice blend
  • cheese
  • about 9 nasty rice/nut crackers (to finish the dip)
  • salami
  • chocolate cherries
  • a TJ's dark chocolate bar (about 2" square, 1/8" thick)
  • taco salad with grassfed beef
I think that was it. 

We did a movie Saturday night and I brought dried strawberries and coconut chips.  Crunchy and tasty, and about popcorn-sized, so they proved quite adequate.  I'm getting short on dried strawberries, though - going to have to get the dehydrator out and do some more, I think.  They probably won't be quite as good, being out of season and all, but they'll do.

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