Monday, January 9, 2012


Well-disciplined weekend.  Apparently, that's what I needed, because I think I'm down about 3 pounds this morning: 146.3.  We even managed a movie without popcorn on Saturday - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - I brought walnuts and dried strawberries and ate them instead.  That, after a "grilled" chicken caesar salad at Olive Garden - before "grilling" the chicken, the evil bastards had breaded it.  I ate it anyway, and paid a minor price yesterday, but it was very annoying.

Anyway, here's yesterday's eating:
  • ham, cheese, and tomato omelet
  • tea with cream
  • a very few potatoes
  • cheese
  • almond shortbread cookies (about 5 throughout the day, I think)
  • (two) chocolate cherries
  • one square of dark chocolate
  • pork tenderloin
  • salad with dijon vinaigrette
I think that was it.  Slept wretchedly last night - fought most of the night with the cat (she prefers to sleep where I would put my feet if she weren't there) and the covers - for some reason they were both heavy and entangling last night, unlike other nights.  I'm tired and ache all over this morning; I wonder a bit if the omega-6s in the almonds might be causing issues.

One of my ears swelled up (inside) yesterday, leaving me mildly deafened and with a feeling like water in the ear.  I took a sudafed and a vitamin D, and had a cup of Airborne yesterday, just in case it was a cold starting.  Nothing seems worse this morning, so I may have headed it off - but nothing seems to have improved, either, and I'm sneezing a bit.  Bleah.  I have Airborne at work, and may slug down another one.

Boot camp starts tonight; the information we got indicates that we will be doing paperwork and having pushup, situp, and skin-fold body comp tests this evening.  I did a tape-measure body comp test on Saturday (still feeling rather puffy) and came up at 26.7% fat; it will be interesting to see what the calipers arrive at.

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