Friday, January 20, 2012


Weird day, yesterday.  I ended up having a bolus of sugar mid-day, mostly because it was there and I was tired.  My broken sleep was not as effective as continual sleep of the same length - the whole being awake in bed thing gets incredibly painful, and second sleep carries that pain with it and isn't as restful as the first half was, I think.  In any event, I survived the lengthy morning meeting and had 3 peppermint life-savers and a milk chocolate with toffee bits.  Consequently (from the bad night's sleep), I piled into bed at 8:50 last night, was probably asleep by 9:15, and knew absolutely nothing until Lee got up at 4:45 to go to the bathroom.  And my only coherent thought at that point was that I was pretty sure I hadn't moved all night - after which, I was out completely again until the alarm went off at 5:30.  So a very good night's sleep.

I'm at 148.3 this morning.  I think it's time to do some serious ketosis for a couple of weeks, get the weight back down to below the mid-140s where I prefer it.  With that in mind, since I wasn't particularly hungry this morning, I'm fasting.  Have been since about 7:30 last night, so we've just passed the 12 hour mark, and I'm shooting for about 20.  Doable, but probably easier to do if I move the clementine and the hazelnuts off my desk to somewhere I won't be seeing them.

Here's yesterday's eating:
  • scrambled eggs
  • strawberries
  • the usual supplements
  • tea with cream
  • peppermint life-savers
  • milk chocolate with toffee and almonds
  • hazel nuts
  • hot and sour soup
  • mongolian beef (no rice)
  • hot tea
  • fortune cookie
  • cashews
  • dark chocolate, including 4 cherries
I am adding something to the "usual supplements", starting this morning - dessicated liver.  The paleo experts tout organ meats as the source of super-nutrition, but I can't quite bring myself to eat them, so I found the liver in pill form, and will add 3 of those to my morning stuff.  Argentinian, pasture-fed beef is the source, so I should be getting the good stuff if there's good stuff to be had.  Fortunately, they don't taste too bad going down.

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