Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3rd

At Last!!!  I have officially lost over 30 pounds as of this morning.  161.0, said the scale.  And to top it off, I did my bodyfat measurements this morning and it said 29.3% - but some of the numbers on the tape measure were a bit cattywampus, so I may redo that at a time I'm less sleep-fogged; my neck seems to have got thicker and that doesn't seem likely somehow.

The four pair of size 16 pants I was able to reclaim from the back closet are now looking too big on me - in fact, when I caught my reflection in the elevator this morning, they actually are starting to look unflatteringly baggy.  Bother.  I think I'll hold off for a while; I'm sort of figuring that I'll end up at either a 12 or 14 and just maybe I can wear these until that's resolved.

20% bodyfat has me aiming at 143 pounds, which, given my loss to date, seems utterly doable (although a few more 2-week stalls and I may see it differently!).  But, you know, just having shed the first 30 is so infinitely satisfying - and fitting into clothes and having them look flattering on me in the same way they flattered the hanger (I never thought of myself as fat, but I should have just by observing how bad formerly-flattering styles looked on me) - it's good.

The paper reported on a 2-year study this morning, that indicates that low-carb is beneficial to blood lipids.  Well, duh.  I can provide witness to that one.  Nice to see it the day after the "body docs" column was advising everyone to eat a plant-based diet going light on the meat and avoiding that all-time poison, saturated fat.  To them, I raise a toast composed entirely of bacon fat and butter - "you guys should quit and go back to school!"  Seriously, they get something fundamental very very wrong (based on what I've been reading) every week, which is scary since they're messing with the health of millions of Oprah viewers.

Anyway, I'm doing the Happy Dance today!  Woo Hoo!

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