Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30th

Weird weekend from an eating standpoint.  Saturday I had breakfast (Denny's make-your-own omelet), lunch (3 naked hotdogs), snacks (cheese), dinner (which I don't recall at all - oh! 1.5 brats and some pork-and-beans and sliced tomatoes and a glass of pretty nasty chardonnay in our new restaurant riedels which are going through the dishwasher right now...), none of which was particularly carby, but I guess it was pretty salty, because I ended up 1.6 pounds heavier on Sunday morning than on Saturday morning (156.0 to 157.6).  Yesterday I didn't want breakfast, had Qdoba naked burrito without rice but with guac for lunch, a minor snack (more cheese), and pot roast with miniature potatoes and carrots for dinner.  And lost .6 pounds of the weight from the day before (so I'm at 157.0 this morning, ugh).  Go figure.  It's time for the monthly week of fun-with-water-retention, so I probably should just ignore the scale, but getting on it first thing in the morning has become such a habit.  I'll look, but I won't freak out.

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