Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Yesterday was a rather aggravating day at work - lots of drama with stuff my team supports, unfortunately. So I was in a fairly crabby mood on the way home. But - and this is fabulous - I stuck to my fast. Had my broccoli soup, spent the evening working on putting Christmas stuff away around the house - we are doing it early this year because we don't have the luxury of time on weekends in January to do it slowly - and didn't snack. I did my stretches. I did have cheese again - I think I may have been skimping on the cream in my tea in the morning and was not getting the full 200 calories worth, so again, I was hungry after the soup. I also had some chicken bouillon - but without the protein this time.

I have been testing for ketones with keto stix this week, just to see if it was detectable. Not the first night, but I did have some last night. The keto stix are expired, but I figure a change in color of any sort is probably reliable enough for me.

With all that, 157.4 this morning. Just bother. Probably my gut; since Saturday, it's been extremely quiet.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • the ham and cheese egg thing
  • 2 portions of butter-roasted pecans
  • broccoli cheese soup
  • 2 pieces of cheddar
  • one pork rind
  • a cup of chicken bouillon
That was it. Same today, I expect.

Tonight is an exercise night for my back and shoulders. Now that I'm paying attention to them, I notice that my right shoulder clicks a lot more - indicative of loose support, I believe. It isn't hurting, though - and it was about a week ago, so that's already an improvement. The back stretches, and one bout of the exercises, do seem to have loosened up my hips a bit, too. Definitely worth continuing.

I'm also seeing some habit-improvements from the new Vivofit - I do things during the day to get up and move more, because I don't like the red band. So I had more steps yesterday than the day before, which is good.

One interesting thing last night. I was tired and cranky when I got home, but noticed that I had quite a bit of energy to start putting stuff away with. One of those great ketosis side effects.

So today is the last official fat-fast day. I think I have one more egg thing for breakfast tomorrow, and see no reason not to just eat butter pecans during the day, so I guess it will continue until dinner tomorrow, when Lee has some steaks wrapped in bacon for us. But then what? I'm thinking continuing on very low carb, trying not to get back into my "oh, a few chips won't hurt" routine, keeping the nuts low and portioned, staying in ketosis. And using the energy it gives me to get things done around the house at night - we will need that to get through the next month, that's for sure!

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