Friday, December 11, 2015


Wide week. Short, but packed. Sleep last night might have been good, but for the fact that I was too tired to insist that the dogs kennel for bed, and ended up with 2 of them on the bed with me. They allowed me about 18" of mattress to sleep on. 

I've got a new interrupted-sleep pattern going right now. I wake up at about 1:30-2 am, need the radio to fall asleep again, and wake as soon as it goes off (generally 2 hours later). Depending on circumstances, I may be up for the day at that point. I think that was the case this morning. Not that I was let sleep, even if I'd been able to - they all wanted out of the house at 5 am, and breakfast at 5:40 am. So, since my flight to Tampa gets in at 11 something (Florida time), it's going to be a long damn day.

158.8 this morning. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • swiss cheese (3 slices)
  • almonds (lots)
  • 2 pieces of cashew toffee
  • a cup of hot chocolate
  • a lot of English cheddar cheese
  • an apple
  • some sort of chocolate, but I can't recall what it was - or maybe not
I was super tired last night - was in bed at 8. Not asleep until 9:30 when I noticed that I hadn't been reading for a while. I think I also had a leg cramp at some point.

Feeling less stressed, I think. I should have wrapped presents last night, but just couldn't. So it will have to be Monday, I guess - but by then, the weekend stress won't be a factor.

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