Monday, December 7, 2015


159.8 this morning and damn relieved about it. I had half a donut yesterday, for starters.


Should I get that stirred up about half a freaking donut? I'm starting to wonder. On the other hand, the donut came with a cup of super-sweet hot chocolate that I got in lieu of tea (they didn't sell it), and presaged a nosh-fest that lasted all day yesterday. So maybe the donut was the trigger for all the other sugar consumption. 

Anyway, that was our last semi-free weekend until Christmas - next weekend is the trip to Tampa, and the weekend after that is in NOLA for the Queen's Lunch and Chuck and Anna's Christmas party. I'm starting to feel a bit stressed about it all, but I do think we have managed to get some level of Christmas present shopping done for all the family and friends. Not quite done, but close. Just got wrapping and shipping to do.

With the Mardi Gras stuff right on the heels of Christmas, starting with our lunch on January 9th, you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to February right now. 

For sleep, I relied on Benadryl on Friday night, and got it by more normal means Saturday and last night - much better than it had been late last week, for whatever reason. Possibly it was due to getting a lot of sunlight on Saturday during the day and driving home in the dark from church that night. None of which applied to last night. Whatever.

Flank steak for dinner tonight, with salad, I think. Leftovers tomorrow, and the next 2 nights, I'm on my own - which probably means cheese. And that's fine. I'll eat light and wrap presents and be ready to get boxes out of the house as soon as I get back from Tampa, and hopefully that will be soon enough.

Oh. One sad note. Charlie got hold of my FuelBand on Saturday, and gnawed it enough to render it unusable. He didn't eat it, so we don't have to add the insult of a vet bill to the injury of losing expensive electronic toys, but it won't be part of my bio-hacking going forward. Bummer. Sort of, that is - I really hadn't been paying much attention to it of late, anyway, and had found that, in comparison with the FitBits and the Garmin VivoFit, it was super-inaccurate as to step-counts, which probably caused me to pay even less attention to it. Anyway, RIP. Don't know if I'll get one of the others to replace it or not.

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