Monday, December 28, 2015


Day 1 of my fat fast. I've had probably 300 calories worth of food today - an egg/ham/cheese souffle thingie, and tea with cream. I have bags of butter-roasted pecans (with a bit of taco seasoning) for throughout the day, with the intention of having broccoli-cheese soup for dinner.

I can do a three-day thing. I've tried the Whole 30 twice that I can remember, and failed both times. They say that it's not hard, and they're right, of course. But I have not been able to do it.

So, anyway. I was sick overnight Friday-Saturday, and lost 4 pounds in the process. Gained much of it back yesterday, but it's gone again today. I hope it was at least a bit real. Or that doing the fat fast will make it real. 157.0 today.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • machaca (eggs, shredded beef, peppers, cheese)
  • a couple of pieces of cheese
  • 2 or 3 chocolates (bidding farewell to them for the foreseeable future, now that the holidays are done)
  • 3 almond-flour butter cookies
  • pot roast with roast carrots
  • mashed cheesy cauliflower
I think that was it. I was being cautious after the previous day, and wasn't super hungry anyway.

So my plan for the 4-day weekend was to walk every day outside. I managed once - on Christmas day itself. I really don't remember what stopped us on Thursday, and Saturday, I was basically hard down all day, although we did run some errands once I thought it was safe to leave the house. Sunday, we had weather all day - it rained a bunch, mostly. The plan to acquire a treadmill gains strength, because otherwise, I just don't have the option to walk.

One of our Saturday errands was to buy dumbbells. I am starting to work on fixing what ails my shoulders - mostly the right one but they're both wobbly. I found a routine created by a physical therapist that is short and sweet and very targeted for that, and another one for the lower back (which doesn't require dumbbells). Started the shoulder thing on Saturday, and will be doing it for the next 6 weeks (that's the plan, although I need to be more detailed about exactly how I will carry it out).

I have a new wearable tracker - a Garmin Vivofit. Got it for Christmas, and Lee says he bought it BEFORE Charlie ate the NikePlus. So far, I miss the colorful goal celebrations, and I really liked the overall design of the Nike better, but this thing is way better about step counts, and does what looks like real sleep tracking. Which is awesome. Also it has replaceable batteries that last a year or more. So I think it will be overall much more useful than the Nike one. That said, I've sucked at getting anywhere near the goals it's setting (it responds to your actual activity by trying to push you to improve on yesterday's effort, and I was a slug much of the weekend). I don't think I'll go into march-in-place mode like I did in my early days with the Nike one, but I will try to take the stairs more, things like that. And, if we can get the treadmill going, that will help a lot.

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