Monday, December 21, 2015


Spent the weekend in New Orleans. Need I say more? 161.0 this morning. Not surprised. Not thrilled, for sure.

I ordered fish for my lunch on Saturday. It was delicious. It was also breaded. Dessert was bread pudding. I ate it. I've kind of made up my mind that I need to put aside my personal preferences to avoid wheat when at a social occasion, unless it's generally easy to eat properly. So at the evening party on Saturday, I avoided wheat except in gravy and the one Mexican Wedding Cake I ate. But only one.

I told Lee that I'm planning a 3-day fat fast. Since we were gone this past weekend, I didn't start it today, though. I'm thinking next week, or this coming weekend. We will be home, and it should be fairly easy. I bought a big bag of frozen broccoli and some cream cheese, and will make broccoli soup, and I'm thinking I will do butter-roasted pecans and cheese as snacks. Relatively easy, all of it.

Sleep over the weekend was okay; we got in quite late on Friday and the hotel was a bit noisy (a little surprising, since it's in the very quiet end of the quarter). I'm also fighting some mild sciatica, and have tweaked my right shoulder - the sciatica is on the left side. It would be. The combination of those has made sleeping sketchy, because I can only stand to be on either side for a short time before I have pain. However, I bought a book that arrived over the weekend, about fixing the shoulder issues and keeping them from coming back, and read it quickly last night. Simple exercises, and he's reduced the routine to the smallest effective amount of work, which is perfect for me. We are thinking of using our "study" in the bedroom as an exercise area - getting a treadmill since I am not home during daylight for a good chunk of the year and can't go outside and walk. The shoulder exercises can fit nicely in that scheme.

Back to the routine this morning; eggs-and-bacon for breakfast, and I have an apple and cheese with me for lunch/dinner. Working long today, to get a new release into production. But a short week - and that's something to look forward to - we're off both Thursday and Friday.

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