Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Rough sleep last night. The dogs wanted out at midnight, I woke again at 2 am, and took somewhere between 30-60 minutes to get back to sleep. Still, I got back to sleep. Big improvement over last month. Nonetheless, I'm feeling a mite draggy this morning.

160.0 this morning. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • macadamia nuts (tried to keep it under 20 total - I think I had about 15)
  • vegetable beef soup, made with homemade stock
  • cheese
  • olives
That's a nice short list. Nothing on it but verifiable ingredients, too. And no added sugar - no natural sugar either. All good. But it makes me wonder if the draggy feeling has to do with low-carb flu. I wasn't much more than Trace ketosis at bedtime last night, so I don't think I'm very adapted - nor should I be, the way I've been quaffing sugar of late.

After yesterday, I'd made up my mind to go on a big-ass salad binge once Lee leaves for his trip next week. I told him that, and he saw no reason not to start now. So we will be having big-ass salads at dinner for the next few weeks. I need to spend time figuring out variations, so it doesn't get boring. Club, Cobb, Nicoise, Taco, Greek, etc. Might be useful to check my one Primal Blueprint cookbook for ideas, too.

No breakfast this morning - the dogs had to fast, and it seemed right to be in solidarity with them. Also easier since we wouldn't have to defend our food from them. I grabbed a couple of pieces of cheese on the way out the door, and with that and tea-with-cream, am not terribly hungry.

No exercise yesterday, other than a trip to Costco, which doesn't count. Maybe none today, either. I'm still pretty achy from the weekend, and maybe would benefit from another day of rest.

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