Friday, March 20, 2015


I got a walk in last night - at dinner time, I wasn't sure I wanted one, but Lee convinced me to hit the road instead of the gym. Good suggestion. I did about a mile and a half; it was cold, but felt good. Cooled me off for the rest of the evening, too - I came home, read a book, wrapped up in a blanket, and, I think, fell asleep fairly quickly, if lightly. Sleep, on the other hand, was weird. I woke up a couple of times and had a little trouble getting back to sleep, but was able to make my iPod work for getting back asleep. I was too cold a lot, and had night sweats a lot, and got uncomfortable from sleeping curled up in a ball. So not great. 

158.0 this morning. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • scrambled eggs
  • turkey sausage
  • string cheese (3)
  • salad with caesar dressing
  • chicken piccata (I think)
  • butter
  • hamburger patty with cheddar and guacamole
  • cottage cheese
  • cashews (measured amount)
I think that was it. Not as short a list, but then, I don't eat lunch much, and we had a lunch meeting.

Weekend at last. And I'm hoping that working from home will be less stressful today than the rest of this week. I used my brainwave app twice yesterday - once for stress reduction, and once for an improvement in mood. If it worked, it was for an extremely short period, and I was feeling pretty done in and down by the end of the day. The walk is what helped. My plans today include doing it again. I'm still fighting the tight quads or hip flexors or whatever it is, but they did ease up over the course of last night's walk, and I'm in hopes they're on the way out.

Obviously, I didn't get a big salad last night; had to work later than usual, and Lee had an evening meeting, so we ate where his meeting was. Trying again tonight. It will be much easier to do this all-salad thing next week when it's just me. I just need to be mentally braced and committed to doing it - and I think I am, for me, but not strong enough to drag him with me right now.

Anyway, Tuesday after work, I will gather up all of the foods I don't want visible, and put them somewhere else for the time he's gone. Have a salad for dinner, and figure out breakfast and work-snacks (or not) options.

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