Monday, March 16, 2015


Good weekend. Great weather - warm, sunny, calm. I spent a chunk of yesterday on the chaise on the front porch, reading and soaking up sun. Got a minor sunburn on my arm, nothing on my legs. I still find this really interesting, since I used to burn so quickly.

Got a lot of exercise in as well - a walk on Saturday (outdoors!!!) as well as gardening both Saturday and Sunday. I finally got rid of the stiffness from sprinting last week - replaced by garden butt, or variants thereof.  My right knee feels a bit like it lost connective tissue - it seems to want to give a bit going backwards. But that is getting better as time passes.

Slept like a rock last night - well, I woke up briefly at 3 after a dream that was going somewhere I didn't want it to go - and made a conscious decision, in the dream, to get out of it. Kind of weird, actually. Woke up a bit abruptly as one of our dogs peed on the bed for some reason. He's at the vet this morning - and you'd better believe he got tested for blood glucose first. It was fine.

Eating could have been better. 160.4 this morning, which is down from yesterday and up from Friday (at least, I think it is). Yesterday went like this:
  • tea with cream
  • some supplements - fish oil, turmeric, magnesium, D3
  • omelet with ham, cheese, veggies, and green chile (from the looks of it, thickened with corn starch)
  • cheese
  • strawberries - probably about a pound of them
  • a very few cashews
  • a bag of Frollicks - essentially, more cheese
  • steak
  • Southern-style green beans
  • salad with blue cheese
  • ice cream with cherries, almonds, and chocolate chips (Cold Stone)
That was it. Obviously the ice cream was a mistake - though more in quantity than anything, I guess. I need to get my sugar cravings under control, obviously. The strawberries were an attempt at that - I figured that fruit would be better than candy, as it is, with 2 cups of whole berries (I guess that's a pound) being a whopping 92 calories and 22.1 grams of carbs, with 5.8 of those being fiber. As for the ice cream, Lee likes to go get Cold Stone of a summer night, so I went along and had some. Last year, I stopped having some, but went for the ride, and I will go back to that pattern again.

I am going to start back getting myself into proper ketosis again. I think that I can lose some of this weight if I get hard into it and stay there for a couple of weeks, truly. And once there, it's not hard to stay. Does that mean Fat Fast? It might. I'm trying to decide. Lee will be leaving for New Orleans in about a week (ish), and when it's just me, I can get myself under control, I think. So this week will be working toward ketosis without the true fasting, and next week, once he's on the road, will be the full monty. I think that makes sense.

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