Wednesday, May 14, 2014


156.6 again today, I feel swollen again, and don't really know why. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • strawberries with a little cream
  • the usual supplements
  • insides of 2 half-sandwiches - turkey, roast beef, cheese, random veg, 1000-island dressing, I think. Maybe some ham
  • ground beef burger with green chile and cheese
  • cottage cheese
  • 5 salted chocolate almonds
  • cashews - probably less than yesterday, but I ate them from the package
  • 1 tsp honey
That doesn't seem like much to me. The cashews are salty; I guess it could be that. No idea, really.

Anyway, I went into full-cocoon mode last night; late night Monday, no energy. Also, I'd spent my workday in an all-day meeting and that nearly killed me. I'm starting to think that I need to take a couple of days off to try to recover from about a month of more than usually annoying things at work; I'm not reacting as well as I have in the past, and I suspect that it's increasing stress levels.

No exercise in the past couple of days, obviously. I think I need a walk tonight. Happy to say that all my blistered surfaces seem to have stopped hurting, so I'd like a short walk to test them out this evening.

More strawberries and cream this morning - and I added cheese for a bit more stamina. I have macadamias with me as well, and am thinking that my fat percentage is low. No ketosis last night at all, despite a pretty low-carb day yesterday (some in the berries, almonds, and cashews only). Some sort of meat and veg for dinner - either pork chops or brats, because they're what's in the fridge waiting. Salad with the chops, maybe southern-style green beans as well. Kraut with the brats.

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