Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The fast was effective, and not too hard.  Broke it with dinner last night, ate until I couldn't, and stopped.  151.6 this morning, so at a minimum, I got rid of some excess water.
Here's yesterday's eating:
  • tea with cream
  • taco meatza (grassfed beef, cheese, eggs, salsa, tomatoes, peppers)
  • chocolate blueberries (probably about 30 of them, in two batches)
  • a piece of almond-flour bread
That was it.  I was hungry throughout the day at various points, but since I had no easily-available food that I wanted to eat, it was pretty easy not to.  I left the cheese/salami for snacking at home again today, as I did the Lindt 85%, so it's jerky or nothing.  And I will try to make it nothing.
Took melatonin for sleep again last night, but I don't think I will tonight - I'm starting to feel pretty well rested again.  Back to the evening magnesium instead.

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