Monday, April 2, 2012


I'll just confess up front.  I have no idea what all I ate yesterday.  Bacon and strawberries, I think.  Lots and lots of tea - I went through at least a full airpot.  Walnuts here and there.  A couple of hot dogs.  Cheese.  Probably some chocolate cherries.

Breakfast was a sort-of-organized meal; we did sit down and eat together, at least.  Lunch was hotdogs and pickles.  But the rest of the day was catch-as-catch-can; Lee was not feeling well, and I'd spent the day fighting a headache, so last night's dinner will be held tonight, assuming we all are in better fettle.  It will be a marinated grassfed London Broil, southern-style green-beans, and cole slaw that may be a bit odd (I did some substitutions in the dressing that I sense are not going to work all that well).

It was 84 yesterday - and 80 in the house at 7:30 last night.  I can say with confidence that some of my sleeping issues of late have had to do with unseasonably high temperatures, so after we switched out the duvets (which did not help, at least, not on Saturday night), I also added in a light blanket, with the idea that we can sleep only under that on nights like last night.  And it helped a lot - until the cold front moved in; it's supposed to snow this afternoon, and looks it.  I did manage to get a bit of sun yesterday - not enough for any tan, but maybe some contribution toward my vitamin D levels.

145.5 this morning, so I can't have eaten all that badly yesterday.  We ate at White Fence Farm on Saturday, and I had two corn fritters and two helpings of their kidney bean salad, which is possibly my favorite there.  Call it a treat day.  I paid afterward - the headache may even have been part of the payment. 

Plan for this week is to get back into proper ketosis; it just feels healthier for me to be there.  I think I've overturned my need for sugar, at least temporarily.

On other fronts, the lettuce is starting to sprout in the garden, the carrots have been planted (they're my dirt-eating vehicle for the summer), and the berry plants are all leafing out.  I have hopes for a good harvest of all that, plus the tomatoes we will be planting in the next few weeks.

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