Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This is proving to be a long week for some reason; at least, my brain wants desperately for this to be Thursday.  Not sure why. 

Had my all-shoulder massage last night; it seems to have helped quite a bit with overall mobility, especially on my right side, which was feeling locked up, although the therapist said I had a big range of motion.  Maybe for someone else, but it felt constrained to me.  So now I have to do something on an ongoing basis to keep it loose, yet strong.  I may ask Elizabeth to show me her rotator cuff PT exercises.

145.7 this morning, while in "small" ketosis (up from "trace" or something).  Yesterday ended up being pretty fast-y.  I ate some cheese around 1 pm, along with bouillon at 11 am, and maybe a Godiva pearl or two later in the afternoon.  If the bouillon doesn't count, it was an 18-hour fast, roughly.  Here's the total breakdown:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • bouillon
  • cheese
  • possibly Godiva pearls
  • take out Chinese Green Pepper Beef
  • Hot and Sour soup
  • fortune cookie
  • 5 chocolate cherries
  • more cheese (3 pieces of Dutch Gouda)
I think that was it, because after that, I had the massage, and got home just in time to go to bed, basically.  I made a slight change in my supplements routine, though - took a mag citrate at bedtime rather than this morning (I'd already taken one yesterday morning), in hopes that it would prevent my shoulders from locking back up.  I think it helped with that as well as with sleep quality - I know I woke up at 11:38 because the double duvet got to be too much (I was cold when we crashed), and I recall waking up several times to roll over and thinking that my shoulders felt pretty good for a change, but I feel quite rested this morning.

I think I will also work on my mechanics while seated as much as possible - trying not to lean on my elbows so much, which I think was the origin of this round of shoulder issues.  Don't know how successful I'll be, truly; I might need to put spikes on the arms of my chair or something.  But I will try.

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