Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sleep continues to elude me.  It's the heat, to some degree - we did indeed hit 88 yesterday, so I'm sure it didn't really get colder than about 60 last night, and that and the hot flashes made for a disturbed night.  Plus, I just could not get comfortable.  I have some sort of blockage thingy going on in my left ear - either wax, or something on the inside of the eardrum - and when I lay on my left side last night, I could hear the blood whooshing through my arteries quite clearly.  Nice, slow heartbeat, I must say, but it was distracting. 

The scale was feeling benevolent this morning - 146.3, and Lee said he was down a pound.  I think we did eat well yesterday.  Here's the breakdown (for me):
  • fat-bomb smoothie
  • the usual supplements
  • tea with cream
  • cheese
  • bouillon
  • Godiva pearls, eaten mindlessly
  • wedge salad with blue cheese dressing, tomato bits, and bacon
  • some hunks of lobster - a claw's worth, I think
  • 6 oz filet, medium rare, with bearnaise sauce
  • about 1 spear's worth of roasted asparagus
  • 3 sauteed shrimp (might have been 4; they were small)
  • iced tea
  • a few pieces of something called "bacon steak" (explained below)
  • part of a creme brulee
  • a spoonful of chocolate mousse
  • a small piece of chocolate coconut bark
The bacon steak was cured pork belly sliced about 1/2" thick, seared and then baked, and served as a side dish.  Lee ordered it to see what it was, and we all had some - I had edge pieces, which were crispier.  It was very rich - between (among?) the three of us we could not finish it.  Tasty, though.

I did redo the coconut chocolate bark last night - the parts that were thick.  I got smart this time, and let it solidify enough in the fridge to get flat and stay that way, then put it in the freezer for the finishing touch.  Will be breaking it up tonight.  The thin parts were quite good - I used up some "dark" chocolate chips we had in the house, which were sweeter than the Lindt 85% (only about 50% cacao, I think), and I like the results a bit better.  It melts a bunch faster than the last batch, though - very messy.

Had the rest of the fat-bomb smoothie this morning, but it isn't working its magic quite so much today.  I'm very sleepy, although my brain is functioning well.  And no meetings to break up the day.  I'm going to have to be creative.  Doable.

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