Monday, April 16, 2012


Let me just start out with today's weight: 147.2.  I snacked yesterday - too many chocolate blueberries, and finished the day with Tostitos scoops and salsa, because I wanted salt.  I don't think I can chronicle the day's eating, either; Lee was golfing for most of it, and because the weather was chilly at best (snow/hail/rain at worst), I spent the day inside in a chair, snacking.  My bad.

Before that, though I had an interesting experience.  For one thing, I was at a business conference at a hotel, and breakfast was real.  Eggs and bacon, ham, sausage.  Stuff of that sort.  I spent parts of 3 days there, and ate very well at all of it - and lost a pound, roughly.  On Saturday morning, I was at 145.9.  Made me laugh a bit, since on the last day, several of my fellow attendees were moaning about all the weight they'd undoubtedly gained.  And eschewing the bacon.  I don't mention it anymore unless someone asks, because I get nothing but a polite murmur before the information dissipates.

So anyway, back to it.  Had a fat-bomb smoothie this morning, with strawberries.  I am beginning to think I prefer the mixed berries option, because it's less sweet.  Whatever, I've had coconut oil for breakfast, and should spend the day in some level of ketosis. 

Sleep is not going well, just now.  I am still struggling with temperature issues - too hot or too cold, absolutely never "just right".  It's getting very old.  Making me feel old, actually.  But for now, I'm just gritting my teeth and waiting for it to be over.

Dinner on my own tonight - Elizabeth is on her way back from LA via train, and Lee's going to drive down and meet the bus that is her last leg, which arrives at its first stop (well south of downtown) around 6:45.  They'll be late getting back, but not as late as if she stayed on the bus the whole way.  Anyway, I'm thinking about zucchini parmesan "noodles" and maybe some sort of meat (not sure what).  We shall see.

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