Thursday, April 19, 2012


This morning, my one trip to the scale said 146.3.  So I'm either 0.3 pounds lighter or anywhere from 0.2 to 0.4 pounds heavier than yesterday.  And the man who has one clock knows what time it is.

Yesterday's eating:
  • tea with cream
  • pale, wimpy scrambled eggs (these are the "cage free" ones from Costco, which periodically put on bursts of color - and may be doing that now, but in comparison with the eggs from the backyard chickens, are bland - and don't get me started on the color of hotel catering bulk scrambled eggs - cream-colored at best)
  • bacon
  • cheese (2 pieces at work)
  • bouillon
  • chicken breast (from a grocery store roast chicken)
  • salad with meat in it
  • blue cheese dressing
  • water (several glasses at work, at least one at home)
  • two chocolate cherries
  • more cheese (2 more pieces)
  • walnuts - and probably too many of them
I can't say for sure, but the water and more regular advil may be helping with the pain in my shoulders.  I feel fairly good this morning.  And will be continuing with the water and regular advil for a few more days.  Sleep was better last night, but I think we're about due for another rejiggering of the duvets - possibly time to remove them altogether and use the thinner one as the auxiliary foot-warmer for the summer.  Even Lee was complaining about the heat last night.

I was out checking the garden last night, and the raspberries are on the brink of blooming.  They were so good last summer, and it's quite exciting to think we should get more this year as the canes mature (what is this, year 3?).  The few strawberry plants I moved last summer are taking off really well - they're currently sharing a 4x8 raised bed with a few volunteer onions and garlic, but get to take the whole bed over at whatever rate they choose.  There are still a lot of strawberries in with the raspberries, but I'm guessing they'll get crowded out this summer or next; hence the move.  And we have lettuce, and tiny carrot seedlings, and the tomatoes have settled in perfectly.  Once the lettuce bolts, I'll put in a cucumber or two, for tomato/cucumber salad, and maybe a batch of fermented pickles.  Should be a good summer for fruit and veg!

I checked my sauerkraut last weekend - it seems to be doing okay.  Probably will sample some this coming weekend, and move it into the fridge if it has gotten sour enough.  The method I found, using the tall Italian canning jar and the removed stem as a weight, seems to have worked really well.

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