Friday, April 20, 2012

And, Friday

Gosh, let's see - what's up?  Not much, frankly.  I've managed to wander back into ketosis, according to the Keto-Stix last night - a display of "Small".  So I'll work on my salt intake today, as I have been much of the week.  145.9 this morning, and I only tried once.  I think it's about right.

Here's yesterday's eating:
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • bouillon
  • cheese
  • salad with blue cheese
  • some sort of chicken dish with swiss cheese on it and a mushroom sauce almost certainly roux-based
  • a glass of Riesling
  • broccoli and carrots with added butter
  • a couple of forkfuls of mashed potatoes
  • chocolate mousse
  • two more pieces of cheese
We ate dinner at Mimi's, and I'm not sure, based on how I'm feeling this morning, that I want to go back soon.  It may just be the flour in the sauce on the chicken, though.  We'll see how things go as the day progresses.

After Wednesday night's really bad sleep, we opted to pull the down insert out of the bedspread last night, and try sleeping with just a blanket and the spread.  It got a bit cold around 3:30-4:00 am, but other than that, I slept much better than previously, as did Lee, I think.  I am seeing continued improvement in my shoulders as well - thanks to whatever is the cause, whether that be slightly better sleep, the Advil and water routine, or just the passage of time.  Which reminds me, need to go get my water and Advil (although I drank most of a bottle of Perrier on the way to work, so I'm ahead of the game, there).

For the weekend, I am planning on making some almond-flour based crackers - a recipe I ran across yesterday looks intriguing, and if I can achieve a crunchy snack that is not corn chips, I would be a happy camper.  Probably some more garden cleanup, as I think the weather is supposed to be nice - maybe it's time to get the patio tomatoes put in.  And more dandelion removal - we're inundated this year.  Should be fun!

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