Thursday, April 26, 2012


This week's settling into a routine, by golly.  Wake up exhausted, eat, go to work, go home, eat again, do random stuff all evening, fall into bed, sleep horribly.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  As a matter of fact, though, last night was somewhat less horrid than the night before - at least I didn't have one of those waking moments midway through where I looked at the clock, found that it was 1:45 and despaired because the night wasn't over.  But it was still a lingering thermal nightmare.  At about 4 am, I think, I got very cold, and turned on the mattress pad, pulled the blankets up, and curled into the fetal position.  So I've been thinking that "hot flash" is a misnomer.  Just saying.

The random number generator that we laughingly call a scale says that I weigh 145.7 this morning.  A slow weight decline all week, fueled (if weight loss can be fueled) by walnut-avoidance in the evenings.  Instead, I've been having coconut oil products - and then staying very busy until bedtime.

The coconut chocolate almond bark (yes, I do realize it's had a different name each day this week) finally solidified at an eatable thickness yesterday, and I had some after dinner.  And then made some almond-flour chocolate chip cookies, which pretty much took up the rest of the evening.  They do turn out well, though, and the recipe (from Food Lovers Make it Paleo) makes between 3 and 4 dozen, so we will be sharing, I think.

Here's yesterday's eating:
  • fat-bomb smoothie
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • cheese (I didn't want it until around 1:30, which is unusual)
  • a few Godiva pearls
  • bell peppers, stuffed with grassfed beef, rice, tomatoes, and the cut-off parts of the peppers, chopped up.  Cheese on top.  Very tasty.
  • whatever-it-is bark - 3 or 4 small pieces (probably the equivalent of one piece of the previous batch)
  • two almond flour chocolate chip cookies
That was it.  I just realized that my chocolate cherry consumption is way down as well.  Which is certainly fine.

I had to laugh last night.  I have been drinking bouillon on workdays to ensure my salt intake is adequate, and I went to refill my supply and read the ingredients.  Wow, are Tones beef bouillon cubes NOT paleo!  MSG, Corn Syrup, random vegetable oils, I think beef is the last ingredient on the list.  But they do have about a gram of sodium per cube.  I don't think the stuff will kill me, but I may do a bit of research to find a better brand when these run out.  Yikes.

I have started using the stairs exclusively at work - my cube is on the third floor of a 3-story building, so it's not an arduous climb or anything (certainly, it shouldn't be!).  I'd made up my mind to do so about a week ago, since I have had no luck getting to the gym at all, but could not remember to do it in the mornings, so the net effect was to have me take two flights of stairs downwards at the end of each day.  This morning, I finally remembered to go UP the stairs, too.  Not particularly hard - and with repetition, should become much easier - which, I hope, will help with the Bolder Boulder at the end of next month.

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