Friday, March 11, 2011


Peri-menopause sucks.

I drank my tablespoon of oriental herbal sludge last night, as I had the two previous nights, but last night was similar to Saturday night last weekend in terms of quality and quantity of sleep.  Maybe it's helping and last night would have been worse without it, but it was pretty bad with it, and I feel like a wrung-out grubby old rag this morning.  I am going to do some more reading today if I can - see if I have other options to try - but knowing that I'm at the beginning of an extended period of this sort of thing is rather demoralizing.

Back on topic - enough whining.  Had a great dinner with a menu theme of "clean out the fridge" last night.  Two sirloin patties, pan-seared.  Nearly a pound of mushrooms, sauteed in ghee and the drippings from the meat.  A green pepper cut up and dipped in blue cheese dressing.  I was mildly inspired by a long read about gut flora repopulation in the Cooling Inflammation blog - seems one needs raw vegetables to get the good bugs back in there.  I actually think mine are in pretty good shape - I've never been allergic to much (other than penicillin, and maybe that's a good thing), and my systems responded so well and so quickly to the lacto-Paleo diet that I think most of the raw materials were already in place.  But the end result was a very tasty and filling dinner.

Down to 141.8 this morning.  I have had a couple of hunks of aged gouda for breakfast so far, with some cheese snacks available for sustenance throughout the day.  I hope that they'll keep me from going all unconscious at my desk today, because that definitely feels like an option.

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