Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16th

Phew!  Things finally are starting to sort themselves out, thanks to the day's IF and a lot of liquids yesterday.  Down to 154.4 this morning - not as wonderful as last Friday's weight, but far better than the 157 I saw earlier this week - and a lot of the aches and pains are disappearing and my stomach isn't feeling quite so odd anymore.  I had more of the cheese-ball-and-pecans, a bit of Dagoba 57% dark chocolate (honestly, not anywhere near as good as the Lindt), and a hamburger patty with mustard and ketchup for dinner last night.  The cheese-ball-and-pecans is working as I'd hoped; while I felt "snacky" last night, it was a satisfying snack (and involves both hands and paying attention to the assembly process, so I end up eating fairly mindfully and slowly, as well).

Fasted breakfast this morning; when Lee's gone, it's just easier not to eat.  And I'm still not really hungry, so it was the right thing to do.  Going for Pho at lunch, so we're looking at a 16-hour fast since last night.

Oh, and with the return to sane eating - of course, I had a nasty cramp in my left ankle and shin overnight.  I wish I knew why it was only my left leg - I must do something different with it when sleeping or something.  Really odd.

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