Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday (a week later)

Back from our Mardi Gras week, and slightly exhausted. Not terribly fat, though - I think I ate pretty well all week. Until yesterday, that is, when I had a donut to be polite. Also some chips and a York peppermint patty. One day. Not a huge deal.

Still working on the best way to get through that week without hitting a lot of pot-holes. Bad sleep, meals completely out of my control, alcohol, all mark the way we do the celebration. I avoided bread thoroughly until yesterday, drank very lightly, and did the best I could with sleep (mostly it worked). So I think I'm in better shape than I could be - but I really would like to do better than we normally do, even so.  Oh, well, I have a year to think about it.

I did get in a LOT of walking. 12K steps yesterday - on a day when we spent 6 hours in a car driving home (and the Vivofit doesn't count driving as steps like the Nike did). I think the sunlight is sufficient in the evenings now to get back outside after work, so we are going to start walking after I get home again. I hope that helps.

Anyway. 160.4 this morning, with puffy fingers and ankles, and sore joints. So I know what at least some of it is. Lee says he lost 2 pounds over the week. Noted without comment...

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