Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The coughing is subsiding, thank goodness. I am feeling like I'm recovering - not recovered, mind you, and I'm a little nauseated (probably from swallowing a lot of stuff) and limp this morning. But I don't feel like I have the active cold that I did last week, and that's definitely an improvement.

Sleep last night was mixed. I felt like I slept well until around 2, and then I had a hard time sleeping for any length - I used old radio shows to get back to sleep, and they worked fine (within probably 5 minutes each), but sleep would last at most a little over the hour that they were playing, and I'd be back awake again. I didn't cough much at all - and I'm eternally grateful that I didn't have to have a cough drop - but I did wake up with a very dry and itchy throat. So, blecch.

158.8 this morning. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • 2 pieces of cheddar
  • leftover chili from Saturday
  • mongolian bbq at Genghis Grill
  • a handful of cashews
  • a smallish praline
  • lemon gelatin water
I think I had the nausea last night as well - I really didn't want anything to eat that was paleo; I wanted sugar. So I had the praline. Whatever.

Sleep last night was with the aid of gelatin/collagen and melatonin only. I'm really trying to get away from the Benadryl.

I may try my shoulder exercises again tonight. We shall see. Not doing very well at making them a routine. And I'd really like to get feeling well enough to walk again. I suspect we will have to start with very short walks - unless I stop being so limp, that is. This has been one nasty cold.

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