Thursday, February 4, 2016


Starting to think the no-Benadryl plan was not so great. Lee has a cold with a cough, and when he's not feeling well, thrashes around at night a good bit. I would really like some good sleep - I got sleep last night, but it was choppy, since every thrash tossed the bed around and nearly woke me up. If I'm still struggling tonight, I may succumb.

158.8 again today (sigh). Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • lemon gelatin water
  • scrambled eggs
  • sausage patties
  • 3 pieces of cheese
  • carrots and cherry tomatoes with blue cheese dressing as a dip
  • a stuffed pepper - no rice, just beef and tomatoes
  • a handful of salted dark chocolate almonds
  • about a cup of cashews (I was hungry at bedtime)
All in all, a good eating day, really. If I'd stopped after the first half-cup of cashews, it would have been darn near perfect. Even so, everything was real food. No breakfast today - not formally, anyway, because Lee was so done in this morning that I told him not to worry about it. I had an apple and cheese planned for "lunch", and added a bag of walnuts to flesh it out a bit - I've had some of the cheese and walnuts already.

We did not walk much last night - made it to the end of the block and came back. The wind was blowing something fierce, and Lee already didn't feel well, so we went home. So no goal-making yesterday, and doubtful today. I took a long bath after dinner, and pretty much went to bed (if not to sleep - we watched a movie) after that.

Back at it today. If nothing else, I'll aim to do my shoulder exercises tonight, since I didn't get them done either.

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